Workday Report

January's workday got us from scratch to an almost-ready-to-go garden, thanks to Randy's thorough planning and preparation and a lot of good work through the day by Randy, Paul, Geri, Susie, Anthony, Rachel, Matt, and Donna. Tall cedar corner posts were dug into the ground and cross-braced; metal posts driven in between; fence and wire mounted high and low; soil tilled and compost carted in. Along the way we even had Hart's Mill's first Iwo Jima moment, as you can see from the attached photo.

Winter Work Day - 1/19/15

Dear Hart’s Mill Members & Friends, and other interested people!

You are hereby invited to a major day on the land at Hart's Mill Ecovillage on Monday, 19 January — MLK Day. It seems like the right kind of thing to do on a day devoted to building peace and justice!

Workday Report

Dear Hartsmiling friends:

Thanks for everyone who could make it for a fine workday yesterday! Many people worked hard, mostly all day: Randy, Paul, Kyle, Colleen, Joe (Colleen's cousin), Rita, Sheffa, Rachel, Peter, Ann-Michelle, and me; with Hope and Amy and Molly (our daughter) able to join for potluck and fire time. Our BIG accomplishment was to finish the Far Field Connector Trail (which is #3 on the attached map pdf — the same one I sent before, but with the completed section now marked over in purple — yay!!). Indeed we took it from a mere blazed route to a usable trail! I also put together some footbridges out of planks, and Rita and Rachel nailed on some mesh fencing for traction and set them into place — a photo of one over the outlet stream (which really needs a name) is attached too. Then a fine fire and fellowship. Beautiful weather too!

Right on — let's do it again!


Workday Gratitude

Many thanks to everyone who showed up for the workday, tours, potluck, camping, etc. on Sunday 10/26! Seventeen people took part total over the course of the day, including two potential members on the tour. Paul and Anthony started the day with mowing, mower maintenance, and weed-whacking to get the main areas ready. When Stephen and Andrea and Donna arrived, we moved over to the newly-tilled wildflower field and started sowing (mix of the bee-forage wildflower mix and leftover clover seed from last year) while also carrying down the kayak and starting to plumb the pond.

Workday-Tours 10-26-2014

Dear Hart’s Mill Members & Friends,
This is your reminder of the upcoming day on the land at Hart's Mill Ecovillage on Sunday, 26 October… with a few updates on plans… including pond plumbing, pumpkin carving, ghost stories, and other Halloween excitements, too. If you've already RSVPed, great — otherwise, now's a good time!