Report from Equinox Work and Tour Day

On Sunday 9/21 the morning commenced with a mowing-and-clearing crew of Randy, Stephen, Paul and Anthony, with Hope joining in early afternoon to help tour a new and promising group of interested folks – Amy joining later for dinner, with Catherine and Wren, at 4 no longer the youngest kid, as Felipe and 2-year-old Michaela joined at dusk. Equinox rounds were sung in honor of the turn of season, and Paul and Anthony closed down the day watching the embers and the stars as darkness fell.

Workday; Tour; Equinox!! 9/21/14

Dear Hart’s Mill Members & Friends,

You are hereby invited to a major day on the land at Hart's Mill Ecovillage on Sunday, 21 September. Greet Fall in earnest on the land!

Many things will be happening: there will be work projects focusing on garden preparation and trail-building, as well as some fall mowing; there will be introductions to the project and land tours for interested newcomers; all capped by a festive meal and fire in honor of the Equinox, now a Hart's Mill tradition. You are very welcome for any part of the festivities you might be able to join.


Our beaver dam and pond

Late summer work on the land has continued!

The main meadows have been mowed; a topological survey to the 2-foot level has been completed and passed along to our engineer; and Land Stewards have continued work on trail building (opening of the first loop is VERY close now!) and clearing the dam.

Workday and Tour!!

Dear Hart’s Mill Members & Friends,

It is supposed to be rainy all this week, but clear up on Saturday… so it only seems appropriate to celebrate by holding another workday and orientation session out at the Hart's Mill Ecovillage site on Saturday — that's July 26th (with a bad weather back-up date the following day, July 27).

The plan is to meet at 11:00 a.m. for a light brunch and fellowship, followed by work! At 12:00 we’ll also plan an orientation walkabout for those who are interested in visiting the land and learning more about plans for our evolving ecovillage.

A Great Day on the Land!

7-12-14 Workday Team

Six hard workers spent much of the day Saturday braving the heat but enjoying a sunny day on the land to make some summery progress on trail-building and dam-clearing, as well as keeping paths and open areas mowed to allow easy access to the Pavilion and Fire Circle area as well as dam and trailhead. We shared a nice lunch at the Pavilion as well. Participants were Linda, Randy, Rita, Hope, Paul, and Anthony.