A Great Day on the Land!

7-12-14 Workday Team

Six hard workers spent much of the day Saturday braving the heat but enjoying a sunny day on the land to make some summery progress on trail-building and dam-clearing, as well as keeping paths and open areas mowed to allow easy access to the Pavilion and Fire Circle area as well as dam and trailhead. We shared a nice lunch at the Pavilion as well. Participants were Linda, Randy, Rita, Hope, Paul, and Anthony.

Workday and Tour of the land - July 12, 2014

We’re planning a workday (with land tour and orientation session) on Saturday, July 12 (foul-weather back-up is set for the following day, July 13).

Plan is to meet at 10:00 a.m. to get some tasks accomplished. At 2:00 we’ll plan for an orientation walkabout for those who are interested in visiting the land and learning more about plans for our evolving ecovillage.

First Trail Cleared!!

On Friday 11 April and Saturday 12 April we had a lovely evening campout and information and work sessions with Elon University's Student Sierra Club. Anthony and Johanna hosted and stayed over and Amy and Alana joined for part of the time. Hart's Mill s first tent city sprang up in the shadow of the big oak; we had a nice big fire for a long time while we ate and talked and played Cranium, then some of us sat and just watched the coals, with the Moon and Jupiter and Mars to keep us company.

Hart's Mill Site Concept Plan!!

Site Concept Plan? Check! Today was another great day in the life of Hart's Millers as we received our Site Concept Plan! We are so excited about it as it truly represents our combined individual and collective vision of our Eco-Village. Please join us for our last walk on the land (for now, as we start our workdays - to which you are also invited!) and see for yourself where it all is coming into being!

A great time on the land... !

We had a beautiful day at the land this afternoon: perfect weather, beautiful people, deep & meaningful conversation. We had a total of 15 people.

All in all: really quite wonderful.

I’ll retire tonight quite happy.
Paul Voss.

Pictures: Courtesy of Joe Cole